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The Weekly Report – 03/18/2017

The Weekly Report is a curated list of the week’s most important news and articles on topics such as the environment, sustainability, green living and social progress.


Scientist captures the exact moment plastic enters the food chain

“One scientist zoomed in on the exact moment plastic enters the marine food chain to dramatically demonstrate its threat to ocean life.” Read more at Inhabitat.

Amazon jungle faces death spiral of drought and deforestation, warn scientists

“The water cycle of the Amazon has been described as “one of nature’s great wonders”, but the forest has been under pressure from the timber industry, agriculture and the effects of climate change.” Read more at Independent

New Zealand will ban plastic microbeads by 2018

“Earlier this year, New Zealand’s environment minister Nick Smith announced that microbeads would no longer be allowed in any cosmetics or personal care items, starting July 1, 2018.” Read more at TreeHugger.

World’s first river given legal status as a person

“On Wednesday, New Zealand Parliament passed the Te Awa Tupua Bill which states that the Whanganui River is “an indivisible and living whole”, making it the world’s first river to be given this special designation.” Read more at EcoWatch.

White House budget director calls climate change funding ‘a waste of your money’

“Mick Mulvaney, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, confirmed on Thursday that the new administration had no interest in funding to combat climate change.” Read more at The Guardian.

This young man is on a mission to plant 1 trillion trees and he’s inspiring others to help him

“You wouldn’t think that this 19-year-old has been fighting to save the planet for ten years, but his passion for creating a better future emerged early in life.” Read more at One Green Planet.

Sustainability & Green Living

Worldwide solar power growth increased by 50 percent in 2016

“According to reports from SolarPower Europe, the worldwide solar power capacity grew by an amazing 50 percent in 2016, with a the largest growth occurring in the U.S. and China.” Read more at TreeHugger.

Food waste is a scandal, but to blame it on millennials is nonsense

“The real cause of food waste is a postwar, intensive farming and supermarket culture that has divorced us entirely from how food is made, grown, produced and should be eaten.” Read more at The Guardian.

Quebec food waste program to rescue 30.8 million pounds of food

In Canada, Food Banks of Quebec has launched their province-wide Supermarket Recovery Program to simplify distribution and management, enabling over 600 grocery stores to easily give back.” Read more at Inhabitat.

EILEEN FISHER, Patagonia, Target Join Committee to Advance Sustainable Artisan Supply Chains

“The Nest Artisan Advancement Steering Committee includes members such as Jaipur Living, Maiyet, PVH (parent company of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein), and West Elm.” Read more at Sustainable Brands.

Why you should think twice about your sunscreen brand – for the sake of coral and you

“Scientists believe oxybenzone, a chemical found in more than 3,500 sunscreens and other cosmetic products, is causing serious damage to coral reefs and coral.” Read more at One Green Planet.

Scientific studies reveal how soil can help depression

“Recent scientific studies have now shown that a particular microorganism that is found in soil can improve wellbeing and even act as an antidepressant.” Read more at True Activist.

Animal Activism

New animal shelter is helping save stray dogs and change perceptions in Iran

“From the start of their journey in an air-conditioned vehicle to their 15-45 night stay filled with nutritious feasts and affection, these stray dogs who were once considered a nuisance are now respected as lovable living creatures.” Read more at One Green Planet

Images: Inhabitat, Unsplash, Huffington Post, AP, Collective Evolution, Fortune, Nest.